Free Theme Park Games

We built our own amusement park in “Theme Park.”

The technology advances at leaps and bounds and the graphics of the games on mobile devices begin to approach the consoles of generations very close in time. The amusement parks have always been a great demand for the young public, and even more so if it is we who manage their operation and can live the experience of managing a whole place as wonderful as this.

First Impressions and Gameplay

If I tell you the truth, I miss the legendary Rollercoaster Tycoon. I downloaded Theme Park in the hope of getting the same experience that I had on my day through the PC

.But let’s focus on the theme of the game. At Theme Park, we can manage everything related to the management of an amusement park. Like the SinCity series, here we will be the owners of a park where we can build any available attractions, food stalls, services and hire all the necessary staff to take the best of the reins of the park. It resembles the whole series that has been created from different theme parks, such as Jurassic 3D Rollercoaster Rush.

The game menu is very intuitive as well as touch controls and buttons on-screen during games. Everything is well placed so that you can easily and easily access it.

Graphics and Sound

The game “Theme Park” features an outstanding graphical section. When you see the images, you can draw a certain resemblance to Zynga’s Cityville game, but with roller coasters and all that paraphernalia. The game feels better on a tablet screen, so why are we kidding ourselves, so better than 7 inches up. You can leave your eyes with a minor, though.

The sound’s pretty good, though it’s not for firing rockets either. The music we listen to throughout the game is in accordance with the theme of the game. Quiet melody, something childish, but it gets very catchy at times. The sound effects are very well implemented, as we will be able to hear the bustle of people in the park, the children screaming at the attractions and the cash in and out when it comes to our coffers.


Valuing everything it offers us, the possibilities it gives us to personalize our own amusement park and the details on a graphic level, this Theme Park will not become a Rollercoaster Tycoon, but it has little left. It’s a shame we get charged even for breathing in the game, but it’s the price we have to pay for downloading a game for free in the Times that are now.

The game is compatible with the Android version above 3.2 (Honeycomb), and its download will take up a total of 250 MB. Do not miss the opportunity to manage and build from scratch your amusement park, with roller coasters, norias, hot dog stands and savor the honeys of success having the park full of happy people.