Many people confuse theme parks with amusement parks. Though both are meant for amusement purposes, there are some considerable differences between the two. The difference is more like the difference between tomato and tomahto. The basic idea of the theme park attractions is one within the amusement parks. For example, let us talk about Disney land in California. We all know that we can try out new adventures and rides in the entire park. Therefore it is an amusement park. But also it has differently themed sections within the park, for example, the fantasy land, the Jurassic park, and many others. Therefore, these parks reflect a separate theme from the others and the audience can choose a theme of his own taste. Thus the difference between an amusement park and theme park attractions is clear.

Fun Adventure & Stories

If we sit to discuss stories related to the theme park attractions, this article will turn into a thesis paper. However, to keep it short, we shall tell you about one of the scariest stories that happened in the flamingo land rides videos of the UK. Most of you must be aware that the flamingo resort of the UK has theme park attractions that offer the most dangerous rides of all ages and people from all around the world come here to seek some manmade adventure. A few years ago, an old couple who were looking for some fun and adventure in their boring life, came to the resort in their new car and took the newest rollercoaster ride of the theme park attractions. And guess what happened? Most of you must be thinking that they must have had a cardiac arrest after such an extreme adventure, but what the old couple had to say was that they have got a new life after coming back from the ride and they will definitely come back for more adventure in future.

Best Theme Parks Around the World

The best among the theme park attractions are:

  1. Universal studio: when you are in Singapore, you have to visit this theme park where big-budget Hollywood movies have been shot. It has 7 different theme park attractions in one place and is one of the biggest in Asia.

  2. Gardaland: this is one of the biggest amusement parks in the world located in Italy. When you want to have some adventure in the black hole of the sun, you have to visit here.

  3. Disneyland: Paris is not just about the Eiffel tower, but one of the biggest attractions of Paris is Disneyland too, that has tantalized the sensations of almost all the youth and kids with its movies.

  4. Pleasure Beach: this one is one of the most amazing amusement parks of the United Kingdom and has a lot of adventure to offer you.

Scariest Haunted Attractions in the USA

  1. The Dent Schoolhouse in Cincinnati: the school has a scary history of a child murderer called Charlie the Janitor who would rape and murder the kids in the school. The school is still believed to be haunted and is visited by many.

  2. The 13th gate: anything that can become your worst nightmare can be found in this theme park. The clown, the possessed snakes, and many more weird themes can chill the blood in your spine in no time.

  3. Blackout: when you are in a mood to go for an adventure ride in a spooky house in New York and Los Angeles and also soon in Chicago, this one is your address. Don’t let the ghosts get the better of you.

  4. Haunted hoodie: the name itself suggests the theme of the park. This theme park is your place if you love chilling out with the zombies and the ghosts and of course are not afraid of them.

Have Fun with These Theme Park Games

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