Best Theme Parks

The adrenaline of the most spectacular roller coasters, the fantasy of parades, and the magic of these places are some of the reasons why no one would hesitate to spend a great day in one of these amusement parks

  1. Port Aventura (Spain)

It was difficult to shade the Dragon Khan, the iconic mountain of the park; but in Port Aventura, they succeeded with the Furius Baco, which premiered motorcycle pilot Valentino Rossi, in 2007. That day the attraction accelerated to its maximum of 0 to 135 km / h in just 3.5 seconds. So, it was the fastest roller coaster in Europe. Now it accelerates the same but “only” up to 124 km/h and is then followed by the Shambhala (2012), spectacular whichever way you look at it: the second-highest roller coaster in Europe (92 meters high), the second-highest drop in Europe (78 meters), and a top speed of 135 km/h Port Aventura is the most visited amusement park in Spain and is among the ten in Europe. Everyone who spends a few days on the Costa Dorada can’t stop going to feel the adrenaline of their attractions and enjoy the shows of each of the thematic areas.

  1. Disneyland Paris

To this amusement park, a classic among the classics, one comes to dream awake. Perfect for the little ones of the house for their inspiration from the Disney movies. The park, which opened near Paris in April 1992, occupies just over 22 square kilometers with two theme parks (Disneyland Park, the largest of the parks in Walt Disney, and Walt Disney Studios Park), entertainment and shopping area, hotels, a golf course, and railway station. Encounters with the Disney characters of all life, technological attractions and various shows are perfect for enjoying with the family.

  1. Luna Park (Coney Island, United States)

You must have seen it in hundreds of movies. Luna Park is in the Brooklyn neighborhood by the beach. The current park imitates the original of 1903 and was reborn from the ashes of Astroland, another park that was located in the same place until 2010. From it was inherited one of the park’s flagship attractions, the Cyclone Roller Coaster, the oldest active roller coaster in the United States. Its Ferris Wheel, The Wonder Wheel, has been spinning in front of the sea since 1920. Without a doubt, an experience that will transport you to another time in Brooklyn.

  1. Europa Park (Germany)

This German Park is great … it has over a hundred attractions spread over 13 thematic areas dedicated, like the name of the park, to countries of Europe. It is located in Baden-Württemberg, between Freiburg from Brisgovia and Strasbourg, and is ideal for genuine fans to feel the adrenaline of a good roller coaster: it has 11 different, one of them will put you from 0 to 100 hm/h. in just 2 seconds. It has just incorporated new virtual reality-based attractions, such as Eurosat coastal, which will delight the most technological.

  1. Ferrari Land (Spain)

Yes, it is within PortAventura World (Tarragona); but it has enough arguments to be visited individually. There are also special rates to combine both experiences. Ferrari Land is a theme park opened in 2017 and, as you can imagine by its name, is entirely dedicated to the brand of sports cars. So, speed, adrenaline, and design are the hallmarks of this park. Would you dare climb the Red Force? It is the fastest and highest roller coaster in Europe (112 meters high and 180 km / h maximum speed!).

  1. Legoland (Denmark)

If you have the house full of little Lego pieces scattered all over, then the idea of visiting this park will be quite a celebration. A world made for the little ones, for those who enjoy recreating The Lego-scale world with its famous colorful blocks. The company was founded in 1932, in Denmark, and so far, to Billund, you have to go to enjoy the first of the Legoland parks that have been built all over the world. Nothing more and nothing less than 60 million blocks (in a row of one would add up to 1500 km.) are the ones needed for visitors to stroll through Miniland, climb the roller coaster of the King’s Castle, wage a war with water pistols in The Pirate Lagoon, or visit The Haunted House, among more than 50 attractions.

  1. Futuroscope (France)

Here the emotion is put by the new technologies. This park, which has been the second most visited theme park in France since it opened in 1987 in Poitiers, specializes in multimedia and virtual reality experiences. There are IMAX-type cinemas that incorporate the latest enveloping technologies, and 4D mythical attractions, such as Arthur, created by film director Luc Besson based on his film of the same name, or the last to arrive, the extraordinary trip, Best European attraction of the year in 2017. Different areas fulfill the objective of the park: to have fun and to teach.

  1. Wizarding World of Harry Potter (United States)

We are going to Orlando to enter the magical world of Harry Potter: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, one of the sections of the park Universal’s Islands of Adventure, awaits the fans of the novels of J. K. Rowling. These are two sections, in one you can enter Diagon Alley, where you will find everything you need to be a magician, and in the other, you will reach Hogwarts and the village of Hogsmeade (in Universal’s Islands of Adventure). Both sections are linked by the Hogwarts Express. You can take a magic wand, enter Gringotts Bank, where there is a spectacular 4 D attraction, dine at the mythical Three Broomsticks or visit the Hall of Defense Against The Dark Arts. Can anyone resist such an experience?

  1. Magic Kingdom Park (United States)

Without a doubt, the park of all theme parks is the most famous Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. In it, we find the Magic Kingdom Park, one of the best theme parks in the world and, since it opened its doors in 1971, the most visited on the planet. A place that impresses, not only by Cinderella Castle, but by its six areas, such as Fantasyland or Adventureland, and the shows, the fireworks, the wonderful parades and all, all, the Disney characters. You know,” when you dream of a star, dreams come true, ” and this is the star of the parks.

  1. Santa Claus Village (Finland)

Perhaps visiting Santa is not what is usually understood by pure adrenaline, but we assure you that it is for every child (of age or heart). To meet Santa Claus and cross the magical Arctic Circle go to Rovaniemi, Finland. Eight kilometers north of this city, on the Lapland route, you can find Santa Claus every day of the year in his offices, open since 1992. Join the elves all over the world in Santa Park! And if you try the Gingerbread Cookies in Mrs. Gingerbread, feeling the cold in The Ice Princess gallery, or taking a Ride On The Magic Train, Doesn’t make you feel the adrenaline of fantasy, so you’re a lost cause.