Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Supersaver Weekends.



Well after 2 months of boredom and visiting “other” tourist destinations zoo’s, hidden nuclear bunkers etc, it was finally time for Blackpool to open its gates again. Normally winter weekends or supersaver weekends are extremely busy as the park reduce wristband prices which encourages people to visit. The recent bad weather in the country must have put allot of people off as Saturday was cold and dreary. It brightened up on Sunday with lovely blue skies.

A few rides arent open at the moment but ill come back to those later. For anyone living under a stone for the last 6 months, Blackpools newest coaster Infusion is due to open around easter.

Infusion is the vekoma SLC (traumatizer) which was brought over from Southport Pleasureland after its closure a few months ago. The ride will be themed around water as the log flume before it. I must admitt im looking forward to riding this and seeing what the park come up with in terms of effects.

heres a press release from the parks website.

Get ready for a totally new age experience for white knuckle thrill seekers at Britain’s favourite tourist attraction with cascading walls of water and sky high, heart-stopping, fabulous fun!
Five incredible loops and rolls, a looming lake glitters below, a deliciously wicked double line twist and awesome water effects all in one cool suspended looping coaster.

INFUSION… An exhilarating infusion of the elements, soars to amazing heights and takes riders through a whirlwind water experience to amaze and astound the senses.

Suspend your disbelief on 2,200 ft of twisting steel track with a whole new edge.

Pleasure Beach Managing Director, Amanda Thompson, said:

“Infusion is yet another example of major investment at Pleasure Beach at a cost of £8m. I know white knuckle fans will love this new addition to the park and so will our six million visitors a year who enjoy our unique mix of cutting edge technology and traditional rides.”

Ride the new white knuckle wave at Pleasure Beach, Blackpool in Spring 2007.


To inspire
To emotionally charge
To soak or be soaked in order to extract flavour

Make of it what you will.

The ride builders look on target for the opening, heres where they are currently upto 11.02.07

Further round the park all the big rides are open and running well the Big Dipper having had a section of track replaced was extremely smooth and ran well all weekend.

Pepsi Max Big One, queues pretty quite for the whole weekend. in this picture the people in the back of the car havent fell out, there using sandbags.

Bling, with my innocent (ye right) daughter on the end seat.

Ice Blast ride.

The entrance on Sunday morning before the crowds come in.

River caves with wonderfully blue coloured water.

Looking back to the park entrance from River Caves, you can see the numbers arent great for Saturday.

Ghost Train, with a couple of fixed effects for this season.

Swamp Buggies.


Beaver Creek was quiet for the weekend, with allot of the rides open Zipper Dipper and kiddies dodgems arent open yet, Zipper dipper has developed a fault and the dodgems just arent open at the moment.

Ok what else isnt open.

Maxims Flyers, is having some work done to one of the arms.

Roller Coaster, is having some work done to the top of the lift hill and track.


Derby Racers, is having a complete new roof, on my last visit we took a tour of the park and most of the roof was gone.

Formula one cars. Wheel less at the moment.


If your thinking of visiting before the park opens full time then I would definately recomend a visit one weekend, just to keep the kids happy for a few hours. If you want to check on the status of various rides please get in touch with the park or check the website for details. dont blame me if something is closed 😉

Overall, me and the family had a great weekend, thanks to Club Pleasure Beach and Blackpool Pleasure Beach staff for arranging the breakfasts and fast track season pass process.

It was also nice to meet Gary who runs the excellent Magic eye and Sheila, Tim, Ryesha and Connor hope you had a good trip home.

If you want to use any photographs on this blog please get in touch im quite happy to share and have high resolution copies of everything used, to see the complete gallery visit the Ridemad Gallery

Thanks for Reading.