Alton Towers, Adrenaline Week March 2007

Just got back from a long day walking around Alton Towers for this years adrenaline week event. Crowds as expected were low and queues for the majority of the big attractions were at a minimum for most of the day. It was a boys outing today, no families or partners just rides, rides and a few more rides.

First up was spinball whizzer one of the parks lowest capacity rides, queues were about 30 minutes which was expected and the staff were only sending half of the cars round with 2 people in.

Nemesis was quiet for most of the day, the front row queue had a 3 train wait and for the couple of hours mid afternoon we spent in forbidden valley it was quite common to see some of the trains got round half empty.

A great day out, fantastic ride count and great company. im looking forward to the next one.

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