Ghost Hunting at Alton Towers


I recently had the chance to go ghost hunting at Alton Towers. It was an event I originally booked back in 2010 but for health reasons I was unable to attend. I have loved Alton Towers from the first time I went as a child many, many years ago and when I realised they did out of hours ghost hunting events it was something I had to do.

The event was booked through Haunted Happenings who are one of the UK’s premier ghost hunting companies. We arrived at Alton towers for 9pm and were advised by security to drive through the park and park the car next to the towers near the lake (this is eery in itself).

After stocking up on coffee for the long night ahead we sat through the safety breifing with the staff and went through the timetable of events for the evening.

Split into groups we were dispersed to various parts of the towers so at all times each group leader knew where the other groups are (no point in hearing footprints from another room when 20 people are walking about).

Once in our groups and settled in our locations for the next hour or so various experiments are carried out to communicate with the dead. After the allocated time the groups swap about and various breaks are made for coffee, tea and biscuits during the evening/morning.

The group activities are mixed and they have a number of gadgets for people to use from dowsing rods, voice recorders, k2 meters and temperature guages. All the items and their uses are explained to guests and you have the option of picking one to try out for yourself.

During the group activites you quickly realise this isnt a staged event, nothing is rigged up, theres no electronic motors or opening doors, no stones getting thrown around, no mediums suddenly geeting posessed and passing out, 100% real. As guests its down to you to make of the evening what you want. If you want to get involved in experiments you are free to do so, on the other hand if you are happy to let others theres no pressure from any of the staff.

You are encouraged throughout the evening to shout out about anything you feel, hear or experience. Other people may feel the same so its good to share these experiences however small you may think they are. Ive done a number of these events and you would be surprised at the things people talk about.

I wont discuss anything that happened during the night, but we did experience various things as a group. Its sometime difficult to work out where and why things are happening, put any group of people into a dark building at 1am in the morning and with wind noise and nature around you, not to mention the lack of glazing in most parts of the towers then everyone can experience something.

Heres a selection of photographs I took during the evening.

Our base for the evening. Superb restoration work to the ceilings.




This is the same room but the view from below the far wall above.



Going through to the main staircase up to another level.



Staircase on the right hand side with a view through the towers.




For anyone thats visited during the day its bad enough to find your way around.


Im sure they have used this corridor for scarefest “tower of the terrors” before now.


I think this is one of the kitchens.


Overall we had a great evening of events, some scares, some frights and loads of laughs. The event finished at around 4am and it was organised by Haunted Happenings Thanks Guys 😉

Thanks for reading.