Blackpools Infusion at night.

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I was attending a Club Pleasure Beach event last weekend and whilst waiting for ERT to ride the Pepsi Max Big One after park close I took a walk around their latest coaster Infusion. I never realised they lit it up at night and more to the point how good it looks.

Infusion was brought to Blackpool late last year after the Blackpools sister park Southport Pleasureland closed down. The attractoion was known as Traumatizer when it was based in Southport.

Infusion sits on the site of the old Log flume at Pleasure Beach.

As most of you who read this blog know I have 2 kids and when we visit the Pleasure Beach we are usually thinking about heading home at around 4pm, to make sure we can get them home at a reasonable hour. This weekend was the perfect time to have a look at this coaster, it was about 8:30-9:00pm and all the pictures were took without flash using what light was available and a few slow shutter speeds. I hope you like the pictures.

The main fountains in the centre of the lake.

Bottom of the first drop.

Looks really quick :-)

Looking towards the brake section.

The first drop.

Pepsi Max Big One in the background.

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