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The American Adventure Theme Park – Its final year.

Well I suppose we all knew it was coming, yep another theme park in the UK has closed down. I was going to make this a trip report but considering whats happened recently its more a fond look back at the park in its final year of operation in 2006.

We visited the park in the height of summer last year and it was very quiet considering the time of the year. One of the ride ops mentioned they normally get about 600 people through the gates during the summer raising to 2000 on a very busy day. It was dead when we visited and you can see by the photographs it was a glorious day.

The park first opened in 1985 and was owned by a few companies the final one been Venture World Ltd.

The great rapids ride called Rocky Mountain Rapids, the boats are huge.

The Buffalo Stampede ride.

The parks Skycoaster

I didnt get many riders the day we were at the park.

Finally a ride for Dads. The great JCB Digger depot.

The Twin Looper coaster.

notice the JCB theming.

A closer look at the loops

The Santa Fe Railway that takes you around the lake.

A railway for the kids.

Inside the 4d cinema, one of the biggest ive ever seen. 4d Motion master. with very uncomfortable seats.

Junior Clipper pirate ship

Custers carousel. a nice carousel.

A view of the Aztec Kingdom

Junior Bronco buggie ride.

A couple of general views of the park. See how deserted the place is.

A similar view looking out at the lake.

Theming in the Aztec Kingdom. very appropriate.

The Performance area for the Silver City live show.

A Spot of maintenance before the show.

The live show in action.

They have a few horsemen and women.

They had a great speedboat trip for £3 each.

The wild mine ride from Gullivers, Called mini mine rush – now at Flamingo land.

Pedaloes. great on a warm day.

The Balloon Ride.

Left overs of the log flume removed earlier.

This guy was making fudge, he was recovering from a hangover the day we visited and still put on a good show. It tasted lovely.

A view of the pirate ship and western themed wheel.

Another view of the pirate ship, looking toward the park entrance.

The juvenille carousel.

A menacing looking Tenessee tentacles.

The ride in action

San Fransisco fire department ride. Good fun this in the summer.

Mississippi boat terminus.

This was one of the best days out we had in the summer holidays, it was a lovely park with a great atmosphere, friendly ride ops and a good choice of rides. The reason for the closure was money as with most things these days.

Its definately a day out I was looking forward to this year.:-(

I wish the staff all the best in the future

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Thanks for Reading.

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  2. very good enjoyed it zamperla wheel,sartoris polyp, all feature dont they, zamperla balloon race is that where drayton manors went to? shame isnt it neil watson

  3. devastated….used to take my family to american adventure park in their younger days….recently movedback to Hull after living in Scotland for a lot of years…was looking forward to taking my grandchildren to pan for gold and watch the shoot out etc….Sundown has been recomended but it,s not as close to Sherwood campsites as i would like………

  4. wow havent been there since i was 3 and i still remember siting in the log flume with my mum 🙂 i almost cried looking at these

  5. Doing a little reminising (spello) this evening. Living in N.ireland for last 18 years or so. I loved American Adventure when i was a kid. Looking at those pictures bought back many memorys, even though they were taken years later.

    Thanks for the memorys, Shame its not there to give other kids the great times i had there.

  6. Having been a regular visitor to the american theme park.I told my grandaughter we will go this weekend.Looking at the internet i was shellshocked to find it had shut.I have been going there for a long time and loved the fast rides as i still do at the age of 65.The steep log flume drop being my favourite.But as the saying goes all good things come to an end

  7. My brother and I were taken here quite a few times when we were younger, my parents were still together then and our family was very much a strong and happy ‘unit’. Now, with a daughter of my own, parents divorced and family split, our trips here are lovely, happy memories. Loved looking at this pics, and admit I did shed a tear at reading of the parks decline and closure. Would have loved to have taken my little girl to see the ‘shoot out’!! X x

  8. very sad to see the place has closed, ive been living in the south of ireland the last 8 years. coming back to sheffield for a few days, thought i d bring the kids to see this great place. was sad to see that wont be happening. looks like alton towers will get my money instead

  9. Me and my partner went there one year from out first flat that we had in stratford east London. It was only a day trip and a long way to go but still have pictures that were taken on the rides. The shoot out was good and the tombstones were very funny. We had a go at pottery too.
    it was a great day out and totally loved it. Such a shame it has now gone as would have gone back again.

  10. Bit more advertising like all these big parks do would have made a lot of difference.

  11. Gutted to find it has closed, was looking to go this summer and take my partners kids as I loved it here, went so many times over the years. Never got as busy as Alton Towers suppose why it isn’t open anymore! But was great not having to queue so long.
    Still haven’t found a ride that can beat the thrill of ‘The Missile’
    Or the drop of the log flume, was scary!
    Oh well probably be Alton Towers now . . . . . . . Sad 🙁

  12. Had some great times here, got some home videos too!! Very sad to see it go…

  13. Didnt believe it when my fella told me had closed. so many fond memories of this place when it first opened of me and my dad going there (he sadly now passed away). riding about ten times ina row on the runaway train and the buffalo stampede and being so proud when I was brave enough to go on the massive log flume and the constant music they played over the speakers…sad sad sad its gone.was lovely to look at the pics

  14. The Mine train of Mellor’s was doing reasonab;le at Goose Fair, that used to be in the Park, he’s doing a good job with it.

  15. Gutted to hear it has closed, good times were had here with all the family, it’s a dark dark day ;(

  16. ahh fond memorys of this park i viseted this place in 2004/2005/2006 then in 2011 i went there and it had vaneshed puff i was so looking forward to riding twin looper and flying on the skycoaster

  17. my parents used to take me there when i was younger, i would have loved to have taken my children

  18. Sad to hear this placed closed. I worked in retail 1994 and rides part o 95 and 96. It had a great atmophere mostly with the staff. It looked so smart in its final years too. Let hope the nature reserve they are looking to build there brings as much pleasure to many people. 🙂

  19. Ive been to American Adventure many times and was disappointed when I found it closed. My family have now grown up but just wanted to say how nice it was to view your pictures what great memories!

  20. Thanks for the comments Linda, I appreciate it.

  21. Thank you so much for posting these pictures, they are wonderful and have brought back a lot of fantastic memories!

    I used to visit AA in the summer holidays with my mum, dad and younger brother. I remember the first time I went on ‘Iron Wolf’ (my first upside-down experience!), crying my eyes out afterwards then bolting back to the end of the queue! 🙂 The log flume was the best I’ve ever been on and you always got soaked (especially if you sat at the back! My poor mum always got the back seat). I remember the motion master cinema too and I thought it was dead hi-tech and modern! Looking at those seats I can’t believe how retro it all is! Panning for gold too…I wonder if it was real gold?

    Ah, memories. It makes me sad to see how badly it was allowed to slip into disrepair and how sad it all looks now. I’d love to go have a nosey around but I think I’d get too emotional!

    Thanks again for posting these. It’s prompted me to dig out some old photos of AA. 🙂

  22. Hi Lauren,
    Thanks for the comments. If you have any old photographs which you have scanned I would be more than happy to put them on the site and credit you with them. Sadly the only ones I have are in the final years as shown.

    Glad you liked the article 😉


  23. this one of the places that uve never forgot how much fun i had and how great i thought the place was as a child , i think a charity should be created for all the 1000’s of fans this place had can donate to re open the place for generations of enjoyment once again as i remembered it once was

  24. i just want to say that looking back it really does bring back sume really good memos wish it was still open

  25. Went with my family at the parks successful times ,It was. Great day and Packed ,It’s sad it has closed.The rides were great fun , the Wild West show was brilliant .I drive past the park regularly and it always brings good memories .

  26. These pictures bring back memories, I still take daily dog walks around the park, not much left and everything is now overgrown. I remember it was always packed when I was younger

  27. Just been thinking about The American Adventure and looking at the pictures brings back such memories i can still see myself running from ride to ride. I would love to take my children here now. shame it had to close down

  28. Just showing my little boy photos of me and my brother at American Adventure when we were little, knew it had closed down but didn’t realize to what state it had been left in. So so sad and cannot believe all my childhood memories have been completely ruined watching videos of the wreck and ruin on YouTube how sad!
    Thank you for sharing these photos of happier times, just wish they had kept it together and we could all be taking our children there today

  29. I loved the American Adventure. The attitude of the park staff were so different to Alton Towers and Drayton Manor. Staff were always in character regardless if you were on a ride or going to a food stand. Everyone was entertaining. I loved the fact that the more popular rides that would have long queues had TV’s with MTV playing so while you were waiting you were still being entertained. The rapids ride was no where near as long enough but the run away mine train and log flume where not just a matter of seconds rides. The length of them gave you value for money. In the centre of the log flume mountain I seem to remember there was a walk around experience with a mine theme in UV lights. I remember it rained a lot when we were there once but there were plenty of side shows and building to shelter in until the rain stopped. The staff made the American Adventure very Disney without being too annoying. Loved the wild west shoot out idea. The Saloon show too. Everything worked hand in hand and had been thought of to provide value and entertainment. Great days… sad to see it go. There is nothing comes close now.

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