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Southport Pleasureland – The final year

The offical news came through yesterday that the land which was the former Pleasureland site has been handed over to Sefton council for redevelopment. As it was my closest park and probably one I visited most as a child ive decided to dig out some pictures from the last season so anyone that hadnt visited for some time can see the park in full swing.

Before we get to the pictures, lets just have a quick look back at the events since closure.

Ive took quite alot of pictures of pleasureland since the closure, most have been published on other sites and a couple made it to First drop issue 76 the publication of the European Coaster club, some have made their way as far as the states and will be used in a ACE (american coaster enthusiasts) newsletter thats coming up shortly.

If you look back 7 months or so to the 5th September 2006 when the park offically closed the only headlines we have seen since have been bad ones. They started with the protests as soon as the park closed a couple of protestors climbed up the cyclone to protest about the closure, I even took the trip to Southport to take a look, by the time I had arrived the rain had started and they had climbed down, it did make local radio and TV news though.

The same protestors then came back even stronger when it was revealed the cyclone was getting cut up by chainsaws, they tried to play on the fact that the cyclone had a group of protected newts under its structure, sadly nothing came of this and the subsequent attempt at making the structure listed.

Following on from this a couple of urban explorers from evaded security on a number of occasions to get pictures from such places as the traumatizer lift hill and the ghost train, I dont agree with breaking into theme parks but the pictures were stunning. If you havent seen them i suggest you take a look.

Traumatizer was moved to Blackpool and will shortly open as infusion, the track has been painted blue and it does look nice in its new position been dwarfed by the giant pepsi max big one, right next to the big dipper.

The Cyclone demolition saddened quite a few enthusiasts me included, the pictures of the track bent, twisted and cut up quickly spread over the internet and finally the ride was flattened by bull dozers and giant nibblers.

Some of the rides have moved on since, chaos up to Lightwater Valley, the galleon to M&D’s in Scotland and the space shot to Loudon Castle.

The fun house closed its doors for the final time last weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to a party organised by Club Pleasure Beach, the event was fantastic fun with 50 enthusiasts and some staff in attendance. More of this to follow at a later point, i have a load of interior pictures ill publish shortly.

Ok then onto 2006 and the final year of Pleasureland.

The Cyclone.

who could forget the bent lift hill 😉

The Galleon.

The Space shot.

ready for loading.

A piece of theming around the kids car ride.

Kids car ride.

The Carousel.

The interior of the caterpillar ride.

The Chewits Log Flume.

Log flume showing the skyride station.

My daughter the only one mad enough on a cold day.

Kiddie coaster.


Skyride and views of the park in general.

Anyone reading from the NSPCC, she wanted to go on it 🙂

And finally.

to read more about the history of pleasureland, i strongly recommend reading pleasureland memories by Stephen Copnall.

If you want to use any photographs on this blog please get in touch via email or through the contact form im quite happy to share and have high resolution copies of everything used, to see the complete ride mad gallery with over 4,000 additional park photographs visit the Ridemad Gallery

Thanks for Reading.

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  1. […] Ever since Southport Pleasureland closed back on Septmber 5th 2006 the fun house has stayed open honouring parties and bookings that were made when the park was in operation. […]

  2. good read, its a real pity about pleasure-land I used to spend allot of time there when i was younger. I only lived 10 minutes away in Ainsdale. The new fairground looks a complete mess.

  3. i went there on 22/08/2008 and it was complete and utter mess. i walked in and i wanted to walk straight back out, but i cudn`t i just had to take some pics of the place the only remaining rides that are still there is, the morocan golf and the haunted inn. Some of the old buildings are still there like. the palace arcade with the machines in, cassablanca but the building is empty, the fun house building but it was clossed that day, the lost dinosaurs of the sahara,building still there wirh a few dinosaurs outside, fenced up and lake been filled with earth. It was a sad to visit but i had to, as i have loads of memories there.
    If you wan to see more images of the new pleasureland please visit my bebo site at

  4. I’m currently in the process of building pleasureland on RCT3 but have had to do it largely from mememory and from various maps and photo’s – I’d be happy to post the game file on the web if anyone who has RCT3 and wants to have a play – Your photos have been really great for adjusting the scale etc and making sure I’ve placed rides in the correct places – If I ever get round to completing/posting it I’d appreciate any feedback on what I’ve done rigth or wrong!

  5. As michael caine might say, ” Not a lot of people know this but, southport pleasureland was the location for the 1983 film, SLAYGROUND.starring Peter coyote, Mel smith, and Billie whitelaw, about an american criminal on the run from a ruthless hitman after accidentally killing a nine year old girl. The final third of the movie involves a game of cat & mouse played out on the pleasurebeach after dark between stone ( coyote) & the very scary often unseen hitman. The shootout in the funhouse with all the creepy figures and the laughing sailor add to the tension in this violent but gripping thriller. The film is well worth a watch if you can stream it, and its a chance to see the pleasurebeach in its former glory.

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